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The evolution of the Global Talent Independent Program

Join our GTI expert, Leah Kang, where she will provide a breakdown of the program changes, whether the program has been effective in addressing Australia’s talent and economic needs, and predict how it may evolve further moving forward.

Create an inclusive culture to attract & retain the best talent

Today’s job market is as competitive as ever. If the ‘war for talent’ is won or lost on company culture, what can be done to transform outdated company cultures into ones which are truly inclusive and desirable to top talent?

Management wins and sins webinar

Our panel discussed some of the best and worst examples of management they’ve experienced over the years, from building the right team and culture to developing a leadership team that motivates and inspires.

Delivering the digital experience your customer expects

There has never been a time when customer expectations have been so radically altered as they have in 2020. Our diverse panel will discuss how businesses are working to deliver the experience their customers now expect.

Redefining the future business leader

What does it take to lead and navigate your team or organisation in the new normal we are living in? How does one adapt and operate? Do leadership styles need to evolve? Join our panel discussion to hear more.

Future of work

Join our expert panel for a glimpse into the crystal ball, to see what the future looks like for workforces, workplaces and work itself.

HR in the new world of work

In this webinar, we look at the priority areas of leadership HR will need to address as their leaders navigate towards a new normal.

Priority Occupations, Travel Exemptions post COVID-19

Join this Robert Walters Webinar as we discuss strategies that will help navigate travel exemption criteria, priority occupations and the new post COVID-19 Australian immigration framework.

The path ahead - rediscovering you

Robert Walters invites career development specialists just add water to this session on reshaping the future to provide tools and models to help us rethink who we could become

The future of L&D

Our panel of guest speakers will discuss the changes they are seeing in the L&D area and how a business can best equip themselves to work through the challenges in the wake of COVID-19

The quest for return on security investment

Join this Robert Walters webinar to hear our expert panel explore the opportunity to more effectively approach cyber security to embrace new business opportunities with greater confidence.

AI, Automation & Machine Learning

Our expert panel explore data science strategies and AI, data, machine learning and automation are a solution to refine and augment business process - not to replace humans.

Fast track PR for tech talent

Join our immigration expert, Leah Kang, in the second of a webinar series dedicated to supporting organisations in effectively navigating the new post-COVID immigration landscape.

Managing your 457/482 visa

Join our immigration expert to support you in managing your subclass visa 457/482 during COVID -19 and predictions on the future of Employer Sponsored Migration in Australia.

Employer sponsored migration

Join our immigration expert to support organisations to deal effectively with a new realm of immigration requirements and predictions on the future of employer sponsored migration in Australia.

Burning the candle : preventing workplace burnout

We explore strategies organisations can use to help battle burnout whilst ensuring employees maintain a healthy relationship with their work.

Female Leaders In Finance

Join us to hear from a panel of female finance leaders, the panel will offer advice and guidance on how to navigate a career as a female leader in finance.

Job seeking in uncertain times

Are you starting the search for a new job and not sure what steps you should be taking in your job hunt during these uncertain times? Learn how you can improve your job search strategies in this webinar

Succeed at working from home

Learn how to thrive when working from home no matter what type of remote worker you are. Gain practical tips designed to immediately boost your effectiveness when working from home.

Taking Control In Uncertainty

Robert Walters invites just add water - leadership, cultural and career development specialists, to bring you a session and toolkit on how to turn this period of uncertainty into an opportunity to upskill yourself.

HR Life after lockdown

In this webinar, our expert panel will look to explore how HR professionals play a key role in leading their organisations post Covid-19 and into the new working environment to thrive.

Remote Hiring

Remote hiring isn’t a completely new concept, but it has evolved, with the majority of the working world forced into a situation which has rapidly become the new norm as a result of COVID-19.

WFH: Wellness and Resilience

Join Robert Walters for a webinar on wellness and resilience while working from home. We will be joined by three dynamic guest speakers to provide advice on how to deal with the everchanging situation.

Remote Onboarding

Flexible, agile and remote working is becoming the norm for many, making onboarding a crucial touch point for your new joiners. Learn more about practical tools to deliver best-in-class remote onboarding.

Returning to the new world of work

Our expert panel presented the results of a survey regarding the future of work, conducted among 5,000+ professionals and their employers worldwide.