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Making the move in-house

Here are some of the benefits of making the move to an in-house legal role.
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How to ask for more money with confidence

Even when we feel we deserve a promotion, a pay rise, or a better starting package, not everyone finds it easy to ask. Here are some ideas and inspiration to help boost your assertiveness in conversations about money.
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4 reasons to job search at the end of the financial year

We explore why the end of the financial year is a great time to job hunt and be one step ahead of the job market's game.
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Six ways to turn a job rejection to your advantage

No one enjoys getting turned down for a job, and if you’ve done a lot of preparation for a role that you really wanted, it can be harder still to accept a rejection. But with the right mindset, you can turn the experience into a career development opportunity with our six ways.
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Feel like a fraud at work? How to deal with imposter syndrome

Do you have a nagging worry that you don’t deserve the job you’re in? Read our top tips on spotting the signs of imposter syndrome and how to deal with it.

The complete interview guide

We’ve been in business for 32 years so we know a thing or two about what it takes to nail a job interview. Drawing on the knowledge of our expert recruiters we’ve developed this comprehensive guide, designed to help you conduct successful interviews and therefore outshine the competition. Regardless of your level, this guide will help you to perfect your interview skills.
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Join the Robert Walters graduate program

Whatever your university background, if you have the ambition, energy and drive to succeed and want to work in a fast-paced and fun environment then consider joining us here at Robert Walters.
Be a recruitment consultant at Robert Walters

Be a recruitment consultant at Robert Walters Australia

A recruitment career with Robert Walters offers excellent earning potential and the opportunity to work with leading brands. We have a strong team-based culture, provide our people with ongoing mentoring, training and the opportunity to transfer internationally.
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Dream of being a brand manager?

We dive deep into the role of a brand manager, the qualifications required to start your career in this space and the key qualities you need to succeed.

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