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5 questions to ask when you’re considering a counter-offer

You've been offered a new job and now faced with a counter-offer. Read our top 5 questions on what to ask yourself.

How to nail a job interview in the first 5 minutes

The first few moments of your interview can have a decisive impact on how well the rest of it goes. Here’s how to start strong.

How to recover when thrown by an interview question

You're in an interview and you get asked a question that you're not quite sure how to answer. How do you recover? We've listed some common scenarios with solutions which might help the next time you're in this situation.

How to write a covering letter that will make you stand out

You’ve brushed up your CV and feel you’re ready to start applying for your next role, but before you do, you need to remember that your covering letter is just as important as your CV. Here are our top things to remember to make yourself stand out.

How to quit professionally

Are you about to leave your current job but worried about how to tell your boss? Make sure you don’t burn any bridges with your current employer by following our tips to ensure you quit your job professionally.

How to decide between two job offers

It might sound like the dream, but having two job offers on the table can make for a hard decision. We share some crucial things to consider if you're struggling to decide between two roles.

Six expert tips to prepare you for your next finance interview

Whether you've got years of experience or are just starting out, interviews can be an intimidating prospect. If you're looking to land your next final role, our expert tips could help...

Six things to consider before becoming a contractor

Contracting is a fantastic opportunity for you to take control of your career, but doesn't come without risks. Prepare yourself for the transition from permanent to contracting by considering these six questions.

Where could your recruitment career take you?

A career is never just a job. Recruitment is a fast-paced, exciting and incredibly rewarding industry. At Robert Walters, we believe in providing support to build career-long relationships and we love what we do. So join our team today!

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