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Do you struggle to achieve the right work-life balance?

With 75% of law professionals citing a good work-life balance as being their top influencer of job satisfaction, Emma Linden, Law graduate and Managing Consultant of the Legal team at Robert Walters, sets out her top tips on how you can achieve stability between your work and personal life.

Thinking of making the move in-house?

If moving in-house is something you are currently considering, Emma Linden, Law graduate and Managing Consultant of the Legal team at Robert Walters, sets out some of the pros and cons of such a move, which might just help your decision.

5 ways to avoid distractions during your workday

Do you find yourself easily distracted by colleagues, conversations, your desk environment or email alerts on your screen? Check out our top five tips to help minimise distractions and stay focused at work.

Refer your friends and be rewarded

If you have a friend who is looking for a new job, why not be rewarded for recommending Robert Walters?

How to find an employer you believe in: 6 key questions to ask

We all want to work for a company that we can feel good about and that’s aligned with our core values. So how do you find an employer you can believe in? Here are a few key questions to ask…

How to network effectively

Effective networking can expose you to a world of opportunities. Make sure you know how to make the most of your connections.

6 signs it is time to change jobs

Your interests and goals change over time, but how do you know if you're ready to switch jobs? Here are a few indicators that it might be time to move on.

Need some funds for your next Aussie adventure?

Do you have admin experience? If you're on a working holiday and would like to save some cash to fund your next adventure or add some valuable experience to your CV, we want to hear from you.

5 questions to ask when you’re considering a counter-offer

You've been offered a new job and now faced with a counter-offer. Read our top 5 questions on what to ask yourself.

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