Meet Robyn, Temp Admin Superstar

Robyn Hall Temp Admin Superstar

Robyn Hall is a career temp with Robert Walters. Find out why Robyn chooses temping over a permanent job: 

I started temping as a means of not only getting a job, but to make a lifestyle change after 18 years’ working in management roles. I was tired of all the stress that comes with managing people and managing companies. Temping allows me to leave work at work at the end of each day without having to take any of it away with me, which means that I get to enjoy my time away from work so much more. I work to live.

I chose Robert Walters over other recruitment consultancies for my temping assignments for the quality of service and level of care I receive.  They not only took into account my skills but also got to know me personally and the kind of company I was looking to work for, to ensure a good culture fit. 

There is no typical day at work which is exactly why I love it. My temp placements usually involve assisting teams, so I get to meet lots of new people and still be part of a team with every role. People often asked if it’s hard starting a new placement because I won’t know what I’m doing, but training is always provided to ensure you can fulfil the required tasks correctly, which makes it stress free. If anything, teams are grateful for the extra-hand provided so you feel like you’re really helping. 

Having worked in many different roles over the past 18 years I have developed skills in all facets of administration. A recent placement in an accounts payable role has allowed me to be trained in their in-house database software, similar to the ones used in hospitals, and venture into an entirely different industry.

To succeed in temping, you must be flexible with different roles offered and have integrity. Remembering you are representing your recruitment consultancy whilst being on placement is essential to ensure you can make it in this industry. It is also ok not to accept all placements offered if you don’t like the sound of a particular role, the company doesn’t seem like the right fit or it doesn’t suit your lifestyle. 

Variety in the roles and locations keep my temp assignments interesting.

I have been temping for a while now, not only because earnings are good but the flexibility it provides, as I can make my job work around my lifestyle and constantly learn new skills. 

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