Are we heading towards ‘The Great Resignation’ in Australia?

As Covid restrictions start to lift across Australia will it be smooth sailing as we head back to the office. Where will the balance be and there is great debate over whether ‘The Great Resignation’ will follow.

Research across the world suggests many employees are reconsidering their work/life balance and priorities after their experiences of the pandemic, but the latest ABS data suggests 90 percent of Australians intend to still be working for the same boss in a year’s time. Just another factor of uncertainty as we seek a way forward.

Andrew Hanson, Managing Director at Robert Walters NSW speaks with AusBiz on:

  • How will this trend affect the office return plans of companies particularly in NSW and Victoria?
  • Will companies have to go in to a stiff bidding war to retain their staff?
  • What are employees expecting as they return to the offices?
  • How high would companies be willing to give their staff counter offers that are attractive enough to retain them?

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