Brisbane Festival shows the power of creative disruption

Charlie Cush

Written by Queensland Director, Sinead Hourigan.

Like many Queenslanders, I’m counting down the days until Brisbane Festival gets underway. It’s a chance for everyone – visitors and locals alike – to see our state capital in a new light. For three weeks in September, familiar landmarks and spaces suddenly feel different. New possibilities appear at every turn.

For those of us who work in the corporate sector, Brisbane Festival is a reminder that disruption can be a really positive thing. Consciously taking a break from business-as-usual can really help us discover new opportunities and solutions. In this fast-paced digital world, we should regularly ask ourselves: What can we do differently and how? 

In that spirit, Robert Walters is once again sponsoring Brisbane Festival in 2019. We’ll be hosting our clients at a live performance of the Blanc de Blanc Encore show. This event is definitely not the kind of thing you see every day. It’s a spectacular mix of circus and cabaret, comedy and music, lights and… confetti and feathers! I can’t wait to share this experience with our clients.

Samantha Campbell from Credit Union Australia, one of our guests last year, says Brisbane Festival is the perfect occasion for business people to network and experience something completely unique in a collective way: “Last year was the first time I attended the festival and I thought it was amazing. It’s a great chance to try something new because of the sheer variety of performers and events. I’m definitely going back this year.” 

As for me, I’m really proud to work for an international company that regards part of its purpose to invest in local events like Brisbane Festival and give back to our local community, in this case in the arts. Our Queensland office is buzzing with excitement as Robert Walters prepare to support a landmark event that is helping to put Brisbane where it belongs – on the global stage. Around one million people are expected to gather and experience Brisbane Festival this year.

For us, the sponsorship feels like a natural fit because we share the same focus - to attract and reveal local and international talent in Queensland – on top of that, the Festival showcases what an amazing city Brisbane is and promotes Brisbane as an attractive destination that people want to live and work in.

One of our clients, Jeff Oates, CFO of Morgans Financial, highlighted that: “The Brisbane Festival is a break from the norm. It encourages locals to pause, take a breather from daily life and remind ourselves why we love this city."

So those are a few of the reasons why I’m crossing off the days until Brisbane Festival. It feels less business-as-usual and more like business-as-unusual. Plus, what’s not to like about three weeks of live performances, laughter and revelry? 

About Brisbane Festival

Robert Walters is a proud sponsor of Brisbane Festival which runs 5 – 28 September.

Read an interview with Scott Maidment, producer of Blanc de Blanc Encore.


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