Looking to hire agile tech professionals in the Victorian market?

Looking to hire agile tech talent within the Victorian market?

The best ways to attract top talent? Act fast. 

The Victorian technology sector continues to be dynamic and fast-moving, with organisations looking to seek professionals with agile methodology experiecnce to keep ahead of changes in development. 

When applying for jobs, talented professionals are likely to receive several different offers; therefore, to remain competitive in a market of professionals in high demand but short supply, employers must act fast to attract those high on the 'wanted' list.  

What should the hiring process look like? 

Speed will be the name of the game in 2019, so hiring managers should ensure recruitment processes are streamlined and offers are made quickly. To secure top talent, hiring managers should articulate the purpose and scope of a role, outline clear paths of progression and seek to offer non- monetary benefits, such as flexible working arrangements or generous leave entitlements. 

Skills shortages should also prompt employers to review and adjust their strategies in other ways, including hiring professionals without all the required top technical experience but instead those with the right aptitude and fit. Tech experts who demonstrate an aptitude for problem solving, leadership and embracing change should be considered throughout the hiring process as they could be well positioned to make a positive impact. 

Don't forget to 'think outside the box'...

Employers are also advised to 'think outside the box' and look to develop agile capabilities internally through knowledge sharing and training which could offer a cost-effective and sustainable solution. 


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