Predicting the future with design thinking


When design principles are applied to strategic innovation, organisational success drastically improves.

But what is design thinking?

Design Thinking is a human-centred methodology utilised to define solutions when attempting to solve complex problems for clients. A design mindset is not problem-focused but rather solution focused towards the delivery of greater outcomes through new logical, imaginative and intuitive reasoning with the aim to benefit clients. 

User experience expert Jared Spool states - “Intuitive design is how we give the user new superpowers”. In other words, it means being obsessed with your clients by putting them at the centre of what you do to ensure your systems and processes are both relevant and user-friendly. 

In light of this new evidence, the IT team share their views on how companies can implement intuitive design to transform the way products and services are developed through new strategies while ensuring a top customer experience fast. 

Learning from failure innovation

The wisdom of learning from failure is key to innovation. Yet most organisations are usually averse to the concept of learning from failures to drive greater performance. In some cases, teams spend hours doing post-failure reviews but often, these efforts end up not translating into real change. Why? Because they are adopting the wrong approach to failure.

Elevate your agile experience with design thinking

Agile experience is an iterative approach. When combined with design thinking, it promotes innovation and creativity throughout the problem solving process. Like agile methods, design thinking applies well to situations where the issue is not clear or projects that involve a unique set of conditions. Hence, adopting both agile experience and design thinking hand-in-hand will drive change if you follow these steps:

1. Empathise by knowing your customer 

2. Define by solving real customers problems

3. Ideate by strengthening your creative intelligence

4. Prototype by showing your ideas to your customer

5. Test early and often

How can you maximise your success rate?

Whether you are just starting out as a manager or your organisation has been running successfully for a while, there are always new strategies that can help increase your level of success to remain relevant in the market:

• Have a design thinking champion in the team

• Make everyone accountable for user testing

• Adopt fast and continuous testing

• Embed the design arm of the organisation in delivery teams

This year is all about being future ready, says Program Director & Transformation Leader Stella Akratos.

Implementing these four hacks will ensure durability and fast adaptability in today’s ever-changing competitive market. 

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