Individual immigration services


It can be stressful and difficult to understand Australia’s ever-changing and complex immigration policies.

Whether Robert Walters has helped you find you the right job or you are simply looking for some advice on your options, the Immigration Services team can help with your immigration needs and offer various solutions that meet your individual circumstances. 

To create a seamless experience when assessing your visa options we:

  • Offer a non-obligatory eligibility assessment/consultation to determine how we can assist you
  • Provide transparent and itemised fee quotes for your approval
  • Manage the end-to-end immigration application process according to your requirements
  • Prepare and organise associated documents and supporting requisites
  • Provide compliant payrolling and employment management for sponsored workers
  • Effectively manage the transition and compliance from temporary to permanent visas, or anything in between

To enquire about your individual visa options, please contact our Immigration Services team on +61 8289 2100 or via email at