Why come home?


You may have left Australia to seek new professional opportunities, improve your qualifications, or even to take a break and travel. 

But why is it that most Aussies say they want to return home?

The answer is simple. The familiarity and comfort of home and the priceless emotional bonds Australia holds for those residing overseas. The relaxed lifestyle, good weather, and thriving job market makes it even more attractive to return. 

Home is where the heart is

Being in close proximity with family is understandably one of the top motivators of returning home, particularly when thinking about spending time with or caring for aged parents. Households with dual-income parents find returning home beneficial as they often have to grapple with challenges with childcare support overseas. Comparatively, living in Australia helps these working spouses immensely as their children grow under the supervision of relatives and extended family and can develop valuable emotional bonds with them. 

As well as this, a sense of belonging, patriotism and a deep-rooted affinity for the local culture and food often motivate Aussies living overseas to return towards home. 

Growing opportunities

Company profits in the Australian economy are approaching record levels and demand for talent in the Australian job market is at its highest. The international border closures during the Covid-19 pandemic meant that overseas workers could not enter Australia, which caused skills shortages in several specialist areas. The effects of this are ongoing as many organisations now plan ahead to try and attract and retain talent in the long-term in an effort to minimise the effect of the skills shortage on their organisation.

Major infrastructure projects are being completed in every state, resulting in opportunities for not only architects, engineers, and construction professionals but also the professions that service these projects, such as accounting and legal. Rising commodity prices also means that Australia’s mining and resources sector is enjoying a resurgence in investment and activity with Western Australia and Queensland employers seeking talent within engineering, project delivery, commercial management, project controls, and quality and safety.

With digital transformation progressing across all industries in every state, IT professionals are in growing demand as new jobs are created for them. These include skilled professionals in software development, data science, cyber security, AI and IoT, UI/UX as well as change and project managers highly-skilled in driving complex and large-scale digital transformations.

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