2017 IT projects market update


The recruitment market in the project services space has focused on specialist candidates working on end to end programs, on a project specific basis. This has resulted in a minimised requirement for senior management positions and has been replaced with an increase in hands-on niche specialists.

The demand for contractors has grown significantly and subsequently a decrease in fixed term or permanent positions has become more prevalent. This approach has led to a more efficient operating model, and effective delivery of projects and programs, encouraging Tier 1 enterprise to hire a significant volume of roles throughout the year.


2017 will see a continued demand for mid level skills including project managers and senior program managers. The impact of cloud transformation on businesses and how they operate will continue to drive the recruitment of skilled change managers. Hiring managers should be aware that transformation managers and enterprise agile coaches are amongst the more difficult to source to support the change within their organisation.


It is important to recognise professionals who are looking to develop their skills and for hiring managers not to be afraid to up-skill a candidate who has the willingness to learn and develop in the areas they are weak. A candidate’s salary or contracted rate of pay is no longer the sole motivator to stay with an organisation and companies will get more success out of a candidate within their existing organisation if the time and training is invested in their development. Contractors and existing employees will be crucial brand ambassadors for an organisation, and internal promotion will be integral to staff retention.

In 2017, we forecast a significant shift towards ‘Greenfield projects’, where candidates are given the opportunity to work on the life cycle of a complete project.

A minimised requirement for senior management positions has been replaced with an increase in an agile approach to delivery.


There was a direct correlation between the revised approach to the structure of IT transformation projects and salaries in 2016. In the project and program management space, salaries increased for agile, digital and change management roles due to a shortage of skills, against the demand for the implementation of these projects.


■ Continued growth in the contractor market, with an increased requirement of candidates with niche technical skills recruited on a project by project basis.

■ Due to less hierarchical structures and agile transformations, there will be a decrease in the senior management matrix structure for programs and projects.

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