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I want to start temping/contracting 

Find out the range of options for payrolling, temping and contracting through Robert Walters.


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I am a temp/contractor 

Find out more on the benefits you have access to and future proof your career as a temp/contractor.

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FT360 portal login

Login here to manage your timesheets, leave and watch video instructions on how to best use the FT360 online portal.

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Skype interview coming up?

Web-based interviews are on the rise, making it more important than ever for candidates to interview comfortably over the web. 

Hiring managers from the world's leading businesses continue to stress how important it is for candidates to perform well during a virtual interview. 

Whilst they can set some limitations, candidates who can prepare well for these types of interviews will increase their chances of impressing their interviewer over someone else in the process. Read our six top tips for successful Skype interviews here.


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How to be successful in your job

Companies hire contactors to add value to their organisation, to apply their skills and experience to a project or organisational goal. Here are some ways you can add value to demonstrate your ROI and increase your chances of contract extension.


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The Complete Interview Guide

We’ve been in business for 34 years so we know a thing or two about what it takes to nail a job interview. Drawing on the knowledge of our expert recruiters we’ve developed this comprehensive guide, designed to help you conduct successful interviews and therefore outshine the competition. Regardless of your level, this guide will help you to perfect your interview skills.