Employee experience, trending in HR now

Remuneration is no longer the primary driver for professionals looking to move jobs. Sure, it’s still in the top three, but more and more we’re seeing professionals look for a better employee experience: think flexibility, career progression and ongoing training. 

This changing mindset of professionals has also impacted the day-to-day role of HR professionals by adding another layer, employee experience specialist, to their remit. It’s now the role of HR to help create an environment where employees want to come to each day, not just work in. To create this workplace nirvana, three areas need to be taken into account:

1. Physical environment: does the physical office space create opportunity for collaboration, interaction with senior leaders or creative thought?

2. Technology: is the available technology sufficient enough to promote (not hinder) productive work, new and different ways of working?

3. Culture: what’s the culture really like in the organisation, what’s great and what needs work? How can you honestly sell the benefits of working for the organisation to eliminate surprises when new employees are onboarded?

Employee surveys are always a great starting point to understanding how employees really feel about working for an organisation. Listening to employee feedback will put an organisation on the path to imbedding a successful employee experience. Not only will employees feel more engaged but it will also help in unleashing their potential to thrive in their career and the organisation. The key for HR professionals is to ensure the workplace meets the expectations of employees. 

Part of these expectations imply growth through training. In the current ever-changing market, corporate learning needs are evolving rapidly due to new ways of defining what learning means. Techniques such as ‘gamification’ make it more dynamic. With the help of technology, HR professionals now prioritise employee journey maps and learning experiences – in other words, automating the processes of up-skilling as part of employees' career development. 

What else is trending in 2017?

• Change professionals will be in high demand and be able to command higher salaries, as transformation projects across the private and public sector show no sign of slowing down.

• Professionals with the ability to leverage research, data analytics and industry insights to help develop and implement strategic programs will be the talent winners.

• Internal recruitment hiring will remain strong as businesses strive to improve HR and as a result salaries are predicted to increase.


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