How being a volunteer can develop your career

working in group

Here are four ways that volunteering can help you to fulfil your career potential.  

1. A broader perspective 

Volunteering can help to provide a refreshed perspective on issues that you may not have previously had to tackle. By throwing yourself out of your comfort zone to help advise in people in situations that you may not have previously experienced will help you to think differently in professional scenarios too. 

2. Personal development 

Helping others by donating your time or knowledge is an effective way to support your own personal development. It can help to build your confidence in working with different personality types and help to understand why people might behave differently or approach things differently to the way you do. 

The benefits of volunteering are enormous to you,work and community. The right volunteering oppprtunity can help reduce stress, find friends, connect to communities, learn new skills, and even advance your career

3. Creating a community 

Being knowledgeable on a certain subject can support the approach you take to different tasks and the role that you play within a team. It can help to create a fresh perspective and support you to build a new community amongst your colleagues who want to tap in to your area of expertise.  

4. Build your skills

You can learn valuable skills through volunteering that you may not have access to in your day to day professional career. On top of this, many international volunteering organisations offer the opportunity for you to travel to other countries to get experience of your profession. Not only does this give you international perspective on your role, but also shows you what your role would be like in another country, culture and potentially another language. 


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