Four tips to reinvent your career


Reinventing your career can lead to true enrichment and self-actualisation. This is by no means an easy path, you have to work hard and accept all of the challenges along the way. We spoke to a group of successful business leaders, (MissChu tuckshops’ founder Nahji Chu, SalDoce Product Development Director Cristina Talacko and Sydney-based trainer Libby Babet, who was also recently announced as the new coach on Channel Ten’s new season of ‘The Biggest Loser’) who gave us their personal advice around how you can best reinvent yourself to achieve your career goals.

In order to reinvent yourself, and open up a new path in your life or career, follow these key tips: 

1. Embrace the struggle 

Learn from life’s hurdles. Use productive failure as a knowledgeable asset to become successful. 

2. Ask why?

With each of your goals, ask yourself why? It is important to make sure that everything you do has a purpose. When you come to an understanding of why you are doing something,  you will be able to shift the outcome in your favour.

3. Reinvent yourself through change

Determine a pathway to a better place and take charge of your own career. If you cannot get there yourself, speak up and share your ideas with others to grow and receive help along the journey. Nahji Chu said, “we all have this in-built immunity to change”. We should all try something that scares us, something that challenges us, in order to overcome our fears and make way for success.

4. Set up realistic goals

Set targets that are achievable so it does not bring frustration which could result in discouragement. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself.

The more you fail the less scary it becomes.

These tips were generated from a recent event with our charity partner Dress for Success Sydney. Held in the Robert Walters office in Sydney, over 70 attendees from a range of industries joined the inspiring panel of speakers comprising of three empowering women who have reinvented themselves in their career.


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To reinvent yourself through changing your career path, search for a new job today.