Robert Walters is great for graduates


Robert Walters Australia has been named in the Australian Financial Review and GradConnection's Top 100 Graduate Employers’ List. The list reveals where recent graduates want to work and Robert Walters is the only recruitment consultancy to make the cut. We speak to Hamish Smith, who joined Robert Walters Chatswood graduate program in Sydney to find out why.

Why did you choose the Robert Walters graduate program?

After graduating with a degree in Political, Economic and Social Sciences, I was keen to enrol  on a graduate program. I started doing some research online and I came across graduate positions for the Big 4, banks looking for management consultants as well as the Robert Walters graduate program which offered recruitment consultant opportunities. After consideration, I chose Robert Walters for the range of opportunities it offers, specifically to build your ‘own brand’ within a strong organisation. This role is people oriented and offers the opportunity to interact with stakeholders from a wide range of organisations. The uncapped salary potential on offer is also an attractive proposition. 

How did you find the recruitment process? 

The process was smooth and efficient, with only one week between submitting my application to the first interview. Following a three stage process which included meeting the Director of Chatswood, Peter Bateson, being interviewed by my direct line manager and meeting the wider office team, I was offered the job. The fact that I got to meet all of the team at the final stage was really meaningful as I instantly felt more comfortable when joining the business. 

What has been the highlight working for the Chatswood office?

The people have made the real difference for me. I got along very well with everyone during the different interview stages and it seemed like a very sociable office, but you never know if that will actually turn out to be how it is. Lucky for me, it really is a great office and we regularly go for drinks and dinner. There is a positive atmosphere at work as we are all partial to having a good laugh. I really like coming into work for the team spirit around the office. 

Why did you choose the Chatswood office over other offices in Sydney?

We have the best of both worlds in Chatswood - a corporate environment driven by global corporations in our region and an easy commute time compared with the CBD.  

Given I live on the North Shore, it is far more convenient to work in Chatswood than any other Sydney based offices. It only takes me 15 minutes to get to work which gives me a lot of flexibility and time to catch up with friends or exercise outside of work. 

Robert Walters’ graduate program has taught me confidence and how to be strategic when it comes to talking with professionals at any level of an organisation about what makes a good business decision. 

What’s the lifestyle like on the north side?

We have the most beautiful beaches in Sydney. It‘s perfect as I tend to spend a lot of time down at the beach. It’s also really easy to get around by public transport as major areas are on the train line which makes coffee catch ups and dinners one of my favourite things to do. I also like the fact that there are more golf courses and it’s greener. We have the Royal National Park at our doorstep, ideal for anyone who loves the outdoors.


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