Australia’s technology and recruitment forecast


Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data — so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone –

The technology sector is one of the most fast-paced and exciting industries in Australia. Determining the growth areas in technology can provide an insight into the shape of the technology workforce in 2017. 



So, what is the biggest growth area in technology right now?

Digital transformation has been described as the fourth industrial revolution, centered entirely around data.

There will be high demand in 2017 for technology professionals who can help their employers respond to the challenges around data: How can we best manage it all? Where will we source it from? How will we store it? How will we report it? Who might we share it with? Whether you are a tester, a business analyst, or a developer, the skills to innovate when it comes to data will be in high demand. 

As well as big data, we’ll see high demand for IT professionals with DevOps and cloud collaboration skills. Large transformation projects are underway for many companies as they seek to remain competitive in an increasingly service-oriented world. 


What does that mean for hiring managers and professionals moving into 2017? 

We predict contracting activity across Australia will increase. Although permanent roles are sometimes viewed as more secure, contracting opportunities can offer exposure to new and emerging technologies. That appeals to many tech professionals, as experience in the latest tech helps to future proof their career. Also, we’re now often witnessing extensions in temporary contracts. We encourage professionals to keep an open mind when considering contracts roles - they might actually offer more long-term opportunity than you might expect. 

In areas such as cyber security, DevOps, and cloud collaboration, employers need to be prepared to pay higher salaries and offer more flexible benefits to secure talent. They should think about non-financial rewards that can set them apart from other employers, such as flexible working arrangements and offering defined career pathways. 

Coupled with this, we’d encourage businesses to cast their net far and wide when it comes to their talent search. Australia is an attractive proposition for many overseas professionals and this talent pool can be accessed to support business transformation.

The biggest certainty in 2017 is that organisations will continue to roll out change projects. IT professionals will secure jobs if they can demonstrate the technical ability and customer focus to deliver during massive transformation projects.


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