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perth web girls

Perth{Web}Girls (PWG) is a technology movement in the Perth coding community which was established with the specific aim of giving women an introduction to web development and in turn directly influencing the gender equality gap in the local tech market. 

Inspired by the work of the Perth Web Girls, Robert Walters was delighted to be given an opportunity to partner with them and sponsor one of their industry leading events. 


IT recruitment specialist, Jordan O’Halloran, tells us why it’s important to celebrate the work of PWG and how Robert Walters is working with them to raise the profile of women in technology in Perth and beyond. 

Can you tell us a bit about the Robert Walters and Perth Web Girls partnership?  

In addition to being a sponsor of the movement, Robert Walters partnered with a number of our clients to offer an array of internship opportunities for the members of the Perth Web Girls group, to give women with a specific interest in technology an opportunity to develop in this area. Through our partnership we can also introduce our clients with the best talent in the local tech market, meaning the relationship is mutually beneficial.  

Why did Robert Walters want to partner with Perth Web Girls? 

Through our partnership with PWG, we help to create a direct impact on gender equality in the current tech community, providing learning and development opportunities to women from outside the industry.  

The demand for talent in tech is high both locally and internationally. More talent is required to support the increase in tech jobs which has been created as a result of digital automation across all industries. If we can work with organisations such as Perth Web Girls to improve innovation and creativity, and to channel the right talent into the right organisations, both the professionals and our clients will witness a positive impact. 

Why is it important to encourage females in tech? 

Diversity in the tech industry is critical if organisations want to build high performing teams. We have already witnessed the positive impact of encouraging gender balance in the IT industry, with benefits including cognitive flexibility, motivation, productive conflict, creativity and innovation experienced with the addition of more women in technology teams.

Kate Kirwin, of Perth Web Girls commented: 

We have been overwhelmed by the support and interest for Perth Web Girls from the local community and our sponsors.

This particular event had over 180 applications from women who are interested in upskilling and reskilling in coding. We have also just seen one of our first participants come full circle, from being a ‘newbie’ to coding, going through a 3 month coding bootcamp, to full time employment. For me, this is shows the success of the group and I'm really excited to we can achieve going forward.

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