The role of a purchasing manager

A purchasing manager, also known as a purchasing director or supply manager, heads a team responsible for procuring goods and services for resale or company use. They seek the best available quality for the lowest price. They evaluate suppliers, negotiate contracts, and review product quality.




What do purchasing managers do?

The responsibilities of a purchasing manager vary depending on the industry. Those who work for manufacturers purchase raw or minimally processed materials. Those who work for wholesalers or retailers purchase finished goods. Their duties include studying the market to identify price trends and future availability of materials and goods; locating vendors; negotiating prices; preparing requisitions and purchase orders; and maintaining purchase records. They will usually manage other professionals in the supply chain and procurement area of the business and will work as part of a wider team.

What skills do I need in order to become a purchasing manager?

Financial management skills are essential to being a good purchasing manager. A purchasing manager should have good management skills, market researching tactics, negotiation skills, communication skills, and marketing capabilities. Profitable decision making is a very important requirement that is needed in the purchasing management field.

As is it a senior position, good people management and interpersonal skills are also imperative. Holding this job requires having a bachelor's degree and work experience in purchasing. Often, candidates must also have certification from one of several supply chain programs.

Which qualifications do I need in order to become a purchasing manager?

Many employers prefer individuals who have earned bachelor degrees in a business, finance or economic related field. However. Some may also prefer job candidates who have earned certification in the field as well and can demonstrate excellent practical skills.

How much can I earn working as a purchasing manager?

In Australia purchasing managers can expect to earn anywhere between $80 – 110k, depending on experience and seniority. 

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