Time to consider negotiating a pay rise?


Have you been consistently working hard and feel you should be getting more than what you are currently paid? Is it time to consider negotiating a pay rise?

Here are our top three tips to help you to negotiate the salary you want;

1. Know your market worth but be realistic

Research salary levels using tools such as the Robert Walters Salary Survey, news clippings, trade magazines or employment ads to help you know and understand your worth whilst ensuring that you are being realistic about what you are asking for.

The art of negotiation requires you to keep an open mind. If your employer offers you other benefits in lieu of a salary increase, consider what motivates you, as non-financial incentives can be worth as much as monetary rewards.

2. Build your case

Always keep a record of your work and demonstrate where you’ve added value beyond the requirements of your role - this will allow you to justify a raise based on your performance and contribution to the company.

Outline your commitment to take on new responsibilities and projects that will help meet the company’s goals and objectives.

3. Stay professional and keep a positive attitude at all times

Regardless of the outcome of your negotiations, always remain professional. Be assertive rather than aggressive, and never corner your boss by demanding an immediate response. Keeping a positive attitude will show your that you appreciate the time they have taken to consider your request.  

If you don’t get the result you want, be proactive in creating the right environment to negotiate a raise next time. Start collating more detail about your successes and achievements, and be sure to practice your negotiation skills. The more prepared and focused you are, the more likely you are to achieve success in future.

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