Learning about test automation with Lego

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Robert Walters specialist IT team in Melbourne talks to automation expert, Richard Bradshaw (aka The Friendly Tester) on how organisations should be ready for agile and DevOps driven innovation. 

Why is it so important that organisations adopt agile and DevOps methodologies? 

The adoption of automation processes is vital to drive innovation in the workplace. Software testers are using automation tools to amplify the efficiency of testing processes and subsequently automation is becoming an essential skill on a candidate’s CV. This increased demand is encouraging IT professionals to build upon their own learning when it comes to automation. 

How can Lego contribute to learning on the subject of automation? 

People often get coding confused with automation. Lego strikes a cord with people in the workshops that I host as it’s about focusing on the building blocks to discover patterns and theories, rather than always focusing on a single line of code. If you can understand where to use automation, how to communicate what's been automated, and fully understand what you are trying to automate, the coding part becomes a lot easier.

What impact is the world of automation having on the IT market?

For professionals and companies, automation is becoming more of a focus. For clients and hiring managers, automation processing is high on their agenda as it enhances the efficiency of their organisation. For talent, it’s vital that they educate themselves on the subject in order to future proof their career in this area.

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