How 'Gen Z' employees could shape your future workplace


With the newest generation; Gen Z (born in 1995 or after), beginning to enter the workforce and drive the future of business, is it time to think about how you shape your workforce engagement strategy?

With this generation not remembering a time without the internet and smartphones, it is so important that employers stay ahead and remain digitised. However, they are also seeking other more meaningful aspects to their day to day roles.

Here are our top tips on how to adapt your workplace culture so that you attract, engage and retain the newest generation of workers.

1. Contribute to their financial security and wellbeing

Gen Z’ers tend to seek financial security and can be more money cautious. They will therefore be attracted to employers who are not only offering attractive salaries but those who provide a full package inclusive of Superannuation contributions, comprehensive health care (including vision, dental and maternity), employee assistance programs and even financial aid. Considering some of these non-monetary benefits will likely give you a competitive edge in the market.

2. Tailor your training

As Gen Z’ers are very tech savvy you should tailor training and development practices to reflect this. Using digital channels and graphics will ensure that your employees are engaged and you should consider using social media to encourage collaboration. On the other hand, you may need to provide more in-depth personal guidance when it comes to training for customer-facing roles.

3. Offer mentoring programmes

Having access to senior management is a priority for Gen Z’ers when entering an organisation. Although millennials have paved the way for their successors by demanding more inclusive and collaborative working environments, Gen Z will expect to have unparalleled access to senior management to aid their career progression. Offering mentoring programmes that enables mentees to gain insight into senior roles and how best they can succeed to these positions in the future will be sure to enhance immediate motivation and long-term loyalty.

4. Provide regular feedback

In addition to having access to senior members of the team to assist their career progression, Gen Z’ers will also want regular feedback on the work they complete. Even though this is a workforce of a digital age where communication via technology is what they know best, they are likely to want feedback to be delivered regularly through face to face interaction so that they feel valued and engaged at all times.


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