How having a passion outside of work can support your professional success

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If you have a passion outside of the workplace, it can help to influence your career search and support you to be successful in your new team too. Here are three reasons why having a passion is important and how you can use it to help you achieve professional success: 


1. Creates culture

Company culture is becoming a more important part of an organisation than ever before. Therefore hiring managers are increasingly incorporating questions focused upon your own personal interests and culture in the interview process. Whilst culture isn’t defined solely by whether you have a passion, having answers to questions to demonstrate that you’re committed and enthusiastic about a hobby or interest outside of work will show a hiring manager that you will make a positive contribution to team culture. 

There’s nothing wrong with being a hard worker and putting in extra hours when it is required, but it’s important to know that you still need to make time outside of work for yourself

2. Develops your relationships

Having a passion can help you to develop relationships with your future team members and provide an area of common ground. It could be a particular sport or specific interest – either way having something to talk about which others can identify with, will help to build rapport and strengthen relationships with your colleagues. 

3. Grows your knowledge

Being knowledgeable on a certain subject can support the approach you take to different tasks within a team. It can help to create a fresh perspective and encourage a different way of thinking that may not have been considered. 


Why work for an industry you are passionate about

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