Why relocating to Australia will enhance your legal career


Meet Cindy, a lawyer who has relocated back to Australia from London through Robert Walters International Career Management (ICM) program. If you’re interested in following her footsteps then keep on reading.

What do you enjoy most about being a lawyer?



Cindy: I’d say the work itself. I like being challenged and learning new skills. I am always trying to push myself to learn and grow - I’ve definitely found the challenge I am after in my role as a lawyer.

Have you found any differences working in a law firm in Australia versus London?

Cindy: I worked at a small firm in London so my experience may be a little different from others who have worked for larger firms or in-house. I found career development prospects were limited mainly because a lot of firms know that you may return to Australia one day. Working in an Australian firm has a better work / life balance which reflects the Australian lifestyle.

How would you describe the lifestyle in Sydney?

Cindy: There is no place better in the world than Australia and I'm not being biased at all! It is a relaxed, active lifestyle. I love Sydney for the sun, fresh food and great coffee culture. We work hard but we also enjoy life around and outside of work - That’s what I missed the most while being in London.

How did you find out about our International Candidate Management program?

Cindy: I was recommended Robert Walters by a friend when I first moved to London, and they found me my role in a boutique firm. The process was smooth and it was natural that I contacted the ICM program for my relocation back to Australia.

How has this program benefited your career?

Cindy: It has helped a lot! I contacted Robert Walters before I left London to travel for three months and was in touch with my consultant all the way up to my arrival back in Sydney. I chose not to interview during my time travelling so it was very helpful that we dived straight into the process upon my return. The consultant I was partnering with worked on my behalf, targeting key firms I wanted to work for, and kept me in the loop along the way. I was able to find a great role in a short time-frame, which meant I wasn't out of work for too long.

What was the motivator for moving back to Australia?

Cindy: It was always the plan to return to Australia after a couple of years in London. My family is based in Sydney and it is where I want to settle and live in the future. Although I loved my time in London, being abroad has reinforced my belief - there is no better lifestyle than Australia.

Why would you recommend the ICM program to other lawyers or friends wanting to relocate back to Australia?

I would highly recommend the ICM program for the simple reason that everything runs like a well-oiled machine.

Cindy: I liked the fact that I was liaising with the relevant specialists. They took care of everything for me while I was travelling. Having one point of contact made the relocation easy as I knew my consultant was not only taking care of my move but also on the hunt for a job that would benefit my career.


Follow the link to find out what you need to organise before making the move to Australia.

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