Benefits of bringing temps to your organisation


During current times of uncertainty and particularly if this means your organisation is going through a period of change, there will be times when extra hands are needed.

It's times like these when temps could be the perfect solution, as not only are they specialists in their field but they can also fill gaps quickly without any long-term commitment.

When to consider using temps?

Unsure as to when a temp would be appropriate for you? How about when your organisation is going through a period of change, one employee suddenly gets sick or a key client moves their deadline forward on a big project and you don’t have the resources on hand. Temps can also help in the event one of your employees resigns suddenly or goes on leave during a busy time...

What are the benefits of using temps?

Using temps in your organisation enables flexibility, as you can bring them on at short notice and shorten or extend their work as required.

It can be a way to relieve your existing employees from burning-out or perform specialised tasks that current employees may not have relevant skills for, while enabling your organisation to deliver projects on time and take on additional work to increase your businesses bottom line. 

Another advantage of using temps is that recruitment consultancies have already done the hard yard by finding talent with up-to-date training and relevant skills for your business.  Also, if you’re impressed with their performance and have the ability, you might want to consider hiring them on a fixed-term contract or a permanent basis at a later date.

How to get the most out of your temps?

An experienced temp is used to varied work environments but it’s important to put time aside for basic onboarding.

Ease temporary professionals into their role by ensuring you assign someone who will be accountable to brief them on what they will be doing, familiarise them with the office, explain procedures, set specific expectations and answer their questions. Having clear instructions on day one, will help make your temps assignments more enjoyable and ensure they are being productive. 

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