Robert Walters features as a Top 100 graduate employer

The Australian Financial Review’s Top 100 Graduate Employers’ list in association with graduate employment website GradConnection has revealed where graduates are keen to work, and Robert Walters is featured for the second year running.

The survey to graduates indicated that competition for good job opportunities is tight with the average graduate submitting up to nine applications for suitable roles. When it comes to applying for roles, 80% of graduates expressed a desire to work overseas at some point in their career. It was also revealed by 50% of graduates that training and development programs to upskill would encourage retention and motivation in their career path. At number 39 on the list, Robert Walters was recognised as offering such career progression opportunities to prospective graduates. 

The list also showed that while prominent names dominate the top of the list graduates have a preference to engage in interesting work and would consider less well known businesses that can offer challenging careers.


About the list:

The Australian Financial Review's list of Top 100 Graduate Employers is produced in association with graduate employment website GradConnection, revealing where our nation’s newly credentialed graduates want to work.

The Top 100 Graduate Employers list is created from over 35,000 graduates who are active users of the GradConnection website. The ranking is calculated from the number of graduates who have displayed an interest in applying for a graduate role with one of the employers listed over the last 12 months.


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