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Truly global and proudly local, we've been serving Australia for over 25 years with offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.

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Market yourself to employers

Being a part of the competitive market we live in today is tough. With the increase of people jostling for the best jobs, global opportunities arising and accessibility to further education, it is no surprise that the way we market ourselves has a big impact when being on the job hunt. Companies are always on the lookout for high calibre professionals and are often willing to pay a premium to recruit the best candidates. So how can you set yourself apart?

1. Put your sales cap on

Think of yourself as a sales person whose livelihood is dependent on the sales of your product and you are tasked to market and sell the best product you have – you. That is what searching for a job is all about.

To close the sale and stand apart from your peers, you need to expound on the benefits of the product – your strengths, experience, industry knowledge, contacts, skills, abilities and successes, and quote examples that matter most to the company’s objectives or vision. Focus on your unique selling points which differentiate you over other potentials.

2. Be a networking guru

Due to social distancing measures currently in place in various locations, you may not be able to physically participate in local and international business or industry forums to expand your contacts, but you will be able to attend online events, such as webinars. Keep an eye out for webinars that will enable you to gain access to invaluable information through the exchange of market updates, insights and commentaries that take place between the presenters. Where suitable, contribute actively to online events by asking questions.

In addition to webinars, you can use social media to network online, remember that your online presence is your brand, so be cautious and wary of what you put out there.

62% of employers admitted they use social media sites to check on prospective employees.

98% will screen their LinkedIn profiles, 68% Facebook, and 26% Twitter. Most hiring managers will screen social media at the application stage, before inviting a candidate to interview.

View our tips to update your LinkedIn profile to show the current version of you, 

3. Research the company

One of the best ways to stand out from the rest of the job seekers and impress your potential employers is to show them your knowledge of the company and the industry. Make it a personal mission to find out as much as you can on the companies that you are keen to work at and do as much due diligence as you can on its senior management, history, products, services, successes, significant projects, partners and most of all, its competitors and financials.

Don’t just use the company website, find out if they have been in any recent press and look-up their social media engagement to see what has been an interest for them recently. 

4. Work with a reputable recruitment consultancy

Specialist recruitment consultants from reputable firms can help highlight your most compelling transferable skills and build a strong case for you to employers. When you work with recruiters, you will also receive invaluable career consultation and advice, as well as professional coaching to help prepare you for interviews.

A good recruitment consultancy can often open up new career opportunities in the fields you desire, and provide a multitude of potential jobs from the high profile organisations to new industries that they represent.

5. Testimonials and referrals

Testimonials and referrals are an excellent way to market yourself. Start saving letters, emails and written comments from your colleagues, superiors, clients, customers and business partners that compliment your work efficiency, professionalism, contribution, skills and abilities or anything that is highly positive and reinforces your strengths.

Use your testimonials as success stories when meeting prospective employers or list them down as quotes in your resume. They serve as a strong summary of your accomplishments without appearing to brag, and give hirers a quick snapshot of your profile.

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