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Truly global and proudly local, we've been serving Australia for over 25 years with offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.

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Delivering the digital experience your customer expects

There has never been a time when customer expectations have been so radically altered as they have in 2020. We have assembled a diverse panel that will discuss how businesses are working to deliver the experience their customers now expect.

The panelists will provide a range of insights and share examples - including success stories, areas that may require more work and where they have seen companies falling down and losing market share. These stories will hopefully help ensure you and your organisation deliver the customer experience that is needed now, both online and off.

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Austin Miller

Analytics and Insights Manager


A versatile business leader, consultant, digital and economic industry professional who creates and implements innovative strategies, skilled at understanding how macro and micro factors impact a business/project.

Austin has extensive experience in digital, data analysis, strategy development and execution, business and economic analysis and has developed strong research and analytical skills, having served as Chief Strategy Officer for Digital Startup Health&, and as an Economist with Essential Economics and the Monash Asia Institute on a range of projects in Australia and overseas.

Austin lead Isobar's Data & Analytics Team as well as serving on the Dentsu Aegis Network's Data Governance Council. While there, Austin created new solutions in automotive, utilities and other areas and managed the team to work across verticals and different brands within Dentsu.

Austin is now the Analytics and Insights Manager at Bunnings where he is tasked with integrating data from across the business to drive true value and insight for Bunnings. Austin works across the business to understand where true value can be uncovered and to deliver actionable insights and tools for the wider business from the value of a humble sausage sizzle through to optimised customer journeys on the website.


Konrad Spilva

Managing Partner


Konrad co-founded digital agency Visual Jazz at the ripe old age of 21 and went on to steer the business through three major acquisitions and mergers to create the Isobar Group in ANZ (part of Denstu Australia).

Under his leadership, Isobar grew to over 400 people across ANZ, won several agency of the year awards and launched social impact practice Isobar Good. He was also Denstu Australia’s Head of Innovation and a key member of Isobar’s global board before leaving the business in 2019 to support his wife’s D2C ecommerce business LVLY.

Konrad recently launched creative consultancy Shadowboxer, designed to bring together the best of agency and consultancy worlds for clients, combining brand, experience and technology transformation with business strategy in a small and senior team.

Konrad has a Bachelor of Business Marketing from RMIT (which feels a ridiculously long time ago now) and has a down to earth, no-nonsense way of approaching any challenge or opportunity. When he’s not working, Konrad enjoys getting up to mischief with his (soon to be) 3 yr old son Archie, hacking around the golf course, attempting to wakeboard and travelling to weird and wonderful places around the world. 


Tasman Murray

Managing Partner

Holistic Analytics

Tasman spent far too many years working at bars while completing multiple degrees. He was lucky enough that this somehow included working for General Motors. Tasman somehow parlayed this into working for UNESCO in Paris and doing economics for some small NGOs before starting his own NGO and his own bar.

Since then Tasman has taken his passion for numbers and ability to mine whatever value can be found into them and moved into consulting. Working for a range of companies, governments and other businesses before a long stint at Data2Decisions, one of the Dentsu brands where he helped a range of companies understand how to improve their marketing spend. Realising that there was far more that could be done for businesses if they looked at the data they had in a holistic way, Tasman left Data2Decisions and founded Holistic Analytics with two other partners.

Holistic Analytics is designed to move beyond black box solutions and work with and enable clients, capturing their soft knowledge and embedding this into the models in such a way that clients can understand and fully utilise these. When not working you can find Tasman on the beach, playing beach volleyball (poorly), off the coast of somewhere scuba diving (also poorly) or testing and discussing new craft beers, spirits, wines and food (expertly).

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