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Meet Serena, a marketer who has moved to Australia from London through Robert Walters International Career Management (ICM) program. If you’re interested in following her footsteps then keep on reading.

1. What do you enjoy most about being a Marketing and Events Coordinator?

It's the perfect blend of planning, operations and creativity; a combination which keeps both the left and right sides of my brain active. I feel very fortunate that I get to work in an environment where passionate and driven creative genuinely care about delivering high quality work with a real spirit of camaraderie.

2.     Have you found any differences working for a firm in Queensland, Australia vs. the UK?

With the sun rising earlier in the morning I tend to get up earlier, so the trend is to start work earlier too. It's fairly flexible where I work, as long as you put in the required number of hours per week. I usually work 8am to 4.30pm. With more than 300 days of sunshine, it’s no wonder people want to make the most of their evenings in Queensland - even if that's just spending time by the pool. In my field (non-for-profit sector), incomes do seem to be higher than in the UK. With the salary packaging options available to employees in government and non-profit roles, a tax free perk unique to Australia, it’s much more advantageous. 

3.     How would you describe the lifestyle in Australia?

I arrived with my family four months ago and, although my husband and I both work full time and have a son who is at school, we seem to spend far more quality time together during the week than we ever did in the UK. Whether that's going to the park to play Frisbee after work, heading out for an impromptu weeknight dinner by the river, or simply sitting out on our rear deck chatting and playing cards. With weekends spent exploring the beautiful coastline and hinterland - I’d definitely say our lifestyle is more relaxed and spent in the great outdoors.

4.     How did you find out about the Robert Walters International Career Management program?

We attended a seminar about settling in Australia to find out about financial advice, international removals and real estate where representatives from key organisations were available to answer our questions. Robert Walters were there to provide general information on employment opportunities and this is where our relationship began.

5.     How has this program benefited your career?

After liaising with a consultant in the UK, I was put in touch with the relevant contact in Brisbane who kept in regular contact with me in the months approaching our departure. Once I’d arrived in Brisbane, we arranged a face to face meeting and within a fortnight I had my first interview lined up. Robert Walters took on board my preferences to work in the not-for-profit sector, and helped me secure my ideal role.

My current position has not only built on my Marketing experience, but has also given me the opportunity to further develop my skills in events. 

6.     What was the motivator for moving to Australia?

Our key motivation for moving to Australia was to enjoy a better quality of life and to spend more time outdoors. This is exactly what we've achieved and the flexible role I secured through Robert Walters has certainly contributed to this change in our lifestyle.  

7. Why would you recommend the ICM program to other marketers or friends wanting to move to Australia?

It certainly took the stress out of job-hunting for me and I would recommend it to anyone looking to find suitable employment on arrival.


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