Salary trends

Don't miss out on the most up to date salary information and employment trends in Australia. The annual Salary Survey contains recruitment market updates, hiring advice and salary information. 


Working hours

While it may look like Australians are working longer hours than other countries, the average actual hours worked have decreased in the last years according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.


The Aussie lifestyle

Looking to make the move to Australia? Here are some information to help you make the call. 


How to apply for a Tax File Number?

Before you start working in Australia there are a number of life admin you will need to do. To help you easily get on your feet when you finally arrive in the country, make sure you apply  for your Tax File Number.

Australian public health system

If you’re looking to move to Australia on a working visa, you will be asked to apply for a minimum level of private health insurance. Click-here to find out more.

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