Follow these steps to make the move to Australia


Here is the information you’ll need to plan your move to Australia. 

Connect Australian employers with international talent.

My job is to help international professionals or returning Aussie expats find a job in Australia, and help our Australian clients secure the best talent available in the market. It’s all about finding the right balance and perfect fit for both parties.  

The ICM program makes your move to Australia super easy.

Your move will follow these three simple steps:

1. An honest and in-depth view on current trends in the market as sometimes it isn’t the best time to explore options and sometimes it’s perfect timing depending on your profession.

2.     Once we’ve done the assessment, our migration team based in Australia will work with you to discuss visa possibilities and start the process of securing a suitable visa to match your requirements and situation. A number of options are available for applicants and other family members looking to migrate to Australia including: corporate migrations visas, on-hire labour agreement visas, skilled migration visas as well as family visas to name a few. Immigration laws in Australia have recently changed and you can find out more about these changes here.

3.     Closer to the date of arrival, our Australian team will arrange a meeting in one of our seven offices across the country to devise a plan of action and proactively help you with your job search. 

Employment on the rise down under

Now is definitely a good time to consider moving down under, so get in touch if you’re thinking about making the move.

Salaries are competitive and talent with in demand skills are able to negotiate higher salaries as well as relocation packages. 


Follow the link to find out what you need to organise before making the move to Australia

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