Make the move


First steps

Contact our International Career Manager with your CV and the type of role you are looking for. Who will assess how Robert Walters can best assist with your international relocation while keeping you up-to-date with Australia employment trends and market rates.

Post assessment, our specialist team of consultants will get in touch to discuss opportunities available in Australia and organise interviews with potential employers prior to your arrival.

Be prepared

  • Ensure you are in possession of a valid work visa before you leave. Get in touch with our immigration team for more information. 
  • Update your CV to include an email address and contact details that will be valid when you are travelling and first arrive in Australia.
  • When updating your CV, be sure to explain your prior experience including the nature of the organisations you have worked for as local hiring managers may have not heard of them. 
  • Don’t forget to have qualification certificates easily accessible as some organisations may require them during the hiring process.
  • Let our local consultants know your arrival date in Australia as well as your availability so they can be proactive on your behalf.
  • Inform your referees of your move so that they can prepare, as verbal references are usually the norm. Ensure you provide their most recent contact details. 
  • If your belongings are shipped over separately, ensure you have suitable attire on hand for interviews when you arrive to Australia.
  • Keep a record of where your CV has been put forward so that any double up can be easily avoided.
  • Redirect your mail and cancel accounts that will no longer be needed once in Australia. 
  • Inform any medical practitioners of your move to ensure the easy transfer of your files, if required. 
  • Finally, keep an eye on the job market in Australia.

Let Robert Walters make your move easy

In between leaving home and arriving to Australia, keep in touch with our International Career Manager of your travel plans and expected arrival date. This will facilitate a smooth hiring process and ensure you a job that’s right for you.

Upon arrival to Australia, arrange to meet with your Robert Walters consultant regardless of when you plan on starting work.

Arriving in Australia

Getting to Australia from most countries is easy as it’s serviced by the world’s major airlines and is accessible from most international destinations.

Robert Walters has offices in all mainland States including Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, SydneyChatswood (North Sydney) and Parramatta (Western Sydney). All locations offer a comprehensive public transport system including trains, buses, taxis and ferries.


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